DESARROLLO de RECURSOS GEOLOGICOS, S.A. (DRG) is a company based in Salamanca (Spain), formed in 1988 on the initiative of Dr. Alfonso S. Gracia, the present managing director and main shareholder.

DRG specializes in R&D programmes, applying new technology to the management of natural resources (minerals, water, soils, etc.) sychronizing rational exploitation with respect for the protection of the environment.

DRG works with SMEs, industrial groups, research institutes and universities on a regular basis, offering multidisciplinary project management in the above-mentioned fields of activity.

Industrial R&D programmes are carried out using the company's own capital as well as different forms of risk capital and joint ventures.

As well as the founding partners, DRG has a stable scientific, technical and administrative staff, and can count on a wide spectrum of expert collaborators for specific projects in practically all of Europe and North and South America.

Although not located in a big city, DRG has an international focus, which greatly enhances the company's potential.

The following activities are typical of those carried out by DRG: